Territory-wide Health Services

Territory-wide health services planning aims to ensure that our health services are aligned with the future health needs of people living in the ACT and the surrounding region and are safe and sustainable.

The planning process considers factors such as:

  • The local and national strategic, policy and operational context including research and horizon scanning to consider future directions in models of care
  • Population and demographic profiles
  • Socio-economic considerations
  • Risk factors, health status and burden of disease
  • Historical and projected health service activity
  • Current challenges and opportunities for improving services identified through engagement with consumers, carers, non-government organisations funded by the ACT Government to deliver health services, and public hospital and health services
  • Current service profiles and assessment of the capacity and capability of public hospitals across the ACT to support the needs of the population in a safe and sustainable way, now and into the future

Territory-wide Health Services Plan

Thank you for your feedback on the Draft Territory-wide Health Services Plan. Feedback submissions closed on Friday 30th July. 
We greatly appreciate the time taken to contribute to our consultation process.

The four Themes that have emerged through the development of the Territory-wide Health Services Plan to date are:

  • Improved integration across the service system to support seamless transitions of care as patients and carers move through primary, community, acute, outpatient and residential health care settings.
  • Formalising arrangements across our service system for how and where services are delivered through work to define our role as a local, Territory and regional service provider, realignment of services and work to ensure that services are sustainable and appropriately resourced to deliver care in line with their defined scope of service.
  • Laying the foundations for a stronger, more sustainable health system to support current and future demand through strengthening core services.
  • Recognising that whilst there will be growth across the service system related to population growth and ageing, there are several key areas of service demand and reform that need particular attention to support the needs of our priority population groups, ensure equitable access to care and respond to the emerging and growing needs of our community.

Once finalised, the Plan will form the system wide view of priorities for health service development and redesign across the ACT, over the next five years – ten years. It will consider the range of public health services provided by Canberra Health Services, Calvary Public Hospital Bruce, and other organisations such as non-government organisations funded by the ACT Health Directorate to deliver health services in the community.

The Plan will be based on a comprehensive assessment of health service needs across the care continuum on a geographic basis and will also include specific consideration of the needs of priority population groups.

A Territory-wide Health Services Plan Steering Committee is overseeing the development of the Plan.

Why we need a Territory-wide approach

The Territory-wide Health Services Plan will provide the direction for development of an integrated, sustainable health system for the ACT.

A planned and evidence-based approach to health service planning will help deliver better value care in the context of known challenges such as population growth, an ageing population, growing demand, and technological changes in an environment of limited resources.

A Territory-wide approach supports system wide prioritisation of investment in new and expanded service and service redesign and the renewal and expansion of infrastructure to support the growing demand for hospital and community-based services.

Clinical Services Plans and Health Services Plans

Following completion of the Territory-wide Health Services Plan, a program of work will be established for development of Clinical Services Plans and Health Services Plans for specific services and population groups. These more detailed plans support future planning by looking at the context of each service and the needs of the population, current and future demand, opportunities for health promotion and disease prevention, other specialty services, advances in treatment and technology, and the responsible and efficient use of resources.

Further Information

We will continue to engage with the health and community sector while we develop and finalise our planning approach.

If you would like more information, or would like to become involved, please contact HealthServicesPlanning@act.gov.au.

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