Volunteering services

Our volunteers make a difference. At Canberra Health Services, you will see many volunteers fulfilling important responsibilities. We have a large team of volunteers who work across many programs to provide services and support for patients, visitors and staff.

The valued volunteers who work with us are a diverse group of people who include, university students, retirees, mums, dads and full-time workers.

The Volunteer Services office is based at the Information Hub in Building 2 Level 2 of The Canberra Hospital and is open between 8:00am and 4:30pm.

Please call us on 02 5124 5272 or email CHS.Volunteers@act.gov.au for more information or to make an appointment.

Your Commitment

We ask all volunteers for a regular commitment to help us plan and roster volunteers. This can be on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. We also ask that you give us prior notice of any long absences you may need to take.

You may be required to work for a minimum of 3 hours or longer depending on the requirements of your volunteer program.

Application process

You need to complete and submit an application form, self-disclosure form and a Police Check form to apply for our volunteer service. National Police Checks are a mandatory requirement.

Please see forms below:

You must also provide evidence of a Working With Vulnerable People registration. You are not charged for this check as a volunteer. Please see Access Canberra to apply.

To minimise the risk of transmission of specified infectious diseases a mandatory occupational assessment, screening and vaccinations must be completed at your own cost.

Please submit all completed forms by email to CHS.Volunteers@act.gov.au or you can post it to:
Volunteer Services
Information Hub
Building 2 Level 2
Canberra Hospital
Garran ACT 2605

You are required to complete a mandatory orientation training program, as well as an area specific program. This provides you with the required information and skills to perform your role.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can access more information about our volunteering services through the Frequently Asked Questions.

Canberra Hospital Auxiliary

The Canberra Hospital Auxiliary provides a service through the Auxiliary shop for patients, staff and visitors and are proud to be part of the hospital campus.

About the Auxiliary

The Auxiliary was established in 1973 and was operating before the then Woden Valley Hospital, and now the Canberra Hospital, was officially opened.

The Auxiliary has raised and donated $4,121,255.57 to the Canberra Hospital over 50 years. The funds are used for the purchase of medical equipment, assisting staff to attend conferences, for professional development and continuing education, locally, nationally and internationally, as well as providing furnishings for patients, their families and visitors.

Fundraising History

The first $1million dollars took just over 20 years to raise, the second million dollars took another 10 years and the third million seven years. The Auxiliary shop is our main source of funds. The Auxiliary works in close liaison with the hospital executive when determining major priorities for the distribution of funds raised from the operation of the shop.

Auxiliary Services

The services provided include the Auxiliary shop, a trolley service to the wards, guides, a library for patients and staff also through a trolley to the wards and volunteers to assist patients with their flower arrangements.

Auxiliary Information

The Canberra Hospital Auxiliary is an incorporated body and a recognised charity. The Auxiliary provides a service for patients, staff, visitors and others to whom the activities extend.

The Auxiliary operates the shop on the hospital campus selling a diverse range of goods and services. It is open seven days a week Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, and is closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

The shop is closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Good Friday.

Annual General Meeting/ General Meeting

As set out in the Auxiliary’s constitution the committee must hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and a General Meeting (GM) annually. The AGM is held in October and the GM in April. All volunteers are invited to attend these meetings.

Volunteers Week

Volunteers Week is celebrated within the Hospital in April each year. It is an opportunity for all the volunteers to get together in a social atmosphere.

The Auxiliary Shop

Providing support and assisting patients, visitors and staff with sales of goods within the hospital.

Trolley Service

Trolley services are provided to the wards with magazines, newspapers and snacks for patients and their visitors.

Mobile Library Service

Providing library services to the wards and cataloguing of books in the library.

Volunteer Guides

The guides, located in the main foyer, assist the reception staff in peak periods by escorting patients and visitors to various areas of the Hospital.

Flower Service

Providing arrangement and disposal of flowers in wards where flowers are permitted.

Becoming a Volunteer

If you would like to be part of this volunteer service, details may be obtained from the staff in the Auxiliary shop in the main foyer of the Hospital or phone 02 6142 7789 to inquire about the above roles. Membership fees are $5.00 per year payable in July.

Orientation and Training

All volunteers must attend an orientation session before commencing their duties and also attend Fire and Emergency training annually. It is also a requirement that our volunteers register as Working with Vulnerable People. This is an ACT government requirement and registration is through the ACT Shopfront.

For any further information about the Canberra Hospital Auxiliary and its volunteer activities please phone the shop management on 02 6142 7789.

You are most welcome to join us.

Page last updated on: 11 Nov 2021