Dhulwa Mental Health Unit

Dhulwa Mental Health Unit provides 24-hour treatment and care for adults with complex mental health needs.

Dhulwa Mental Health Unit provides 24-hour treatment and care for adults with complex mental health needs. The unit has 10 acute care beds and 15 rehabilitation beds and treats those who needs are not met at existing mental health facilities in the Canberra region.

The facility is a high-tech security complex with 24-hour monitoring. Security features are well integrated to provide a safe environment, without compromising therapeutic elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Dhulwa?

Dhulwa provides mental health care for people who are, or are likely to become, involved with the criminal justice system. It offers a safe and structured environment for people who can’t be safely cared for in other environments and whose complex care needs are not met in the current system.

Only a small number of people need this care at any one time. A detailed multidisciplinary mental health assessment takes place before admission to Dhulwa to determine if you need our level of care.

What services does Dhulwa provide?

Everyone who comes to Dhulwa is observed, assessed and stabilised in the Acute area. You may then leave the unit and move into the Rehabilitation area depending on your needs and care requirements.

What types of activities are available?

Dhulwa provides you with an opportunity to develop your skills and interests, which is a vital part of your rehabilitation. This can include gardening, exercise, social activities, cultural activities, arts and music, hobbies and vocational activities.

What kind of security is available?

Security at Dhulwa is integrated with safety and clinical practice. It includes physical and procedural components, as well as the skill of clinical staff. Trust and understanding form a key part of therapeutic elements and allow staff to provide interventions to prevent potential security breaches and manage situations.

Does Dhulwa cater for those with high security needs?

No, Dhulwa is a low to medium security facility.

Is there emergency medical care at Dhulwa?

Dhulwa is located close to the Canberra Hospital to ensure care is close by in an emergency.

What ages does it cater to?

Dhulwa provides services for people aged 18 to 65 years.

Street Address
30 Mugga Ln, Symonston ACT 2609
Page last updated on: 6 Dec 2018