Discharge planning is an important part of your patient management. We aim to identify your discharge date as early as possible in your stay and help you prepare for home with any necessary community support.

Discharge from the unit occurs in consultation with your rehabilitation team and your support people. Your destination on leaving hospital may be agreed on following a weekend or trial home leave.

We expect you to be ready for discharge from your unit by 10am on your discharge day. Patients from NSW can be referred to a local health service.

Sometimes home modifications or wait lists for residential facilities require you to remain in hospital after discharge. You may be required to pay a fee set by the Federal Government during this time. Your doctor can discuss this with you.

After discharge, your Rehabilitation Care Coordinator may keep in contact with you by phone or home visits for up to a year. They can help you with any rehabilitation issues that you may encounter in the community.

Brindabella Rehabilitation Centre

You may be referred to the Brindabella Rehabilitation Centre after completing your rehabilitation program as an inpatient.

The centre offers various ongoing rehabilitation services, including specialist day and outpatient programs that are tailored to your needs to help improve function, mobility and participation in daily life.

These programs are provided in a clinical setting and involve a multidisciplinary team approach.

Our services include:

  • specialist rehabilitation and geriatric medical
  • multidisciplinary allied health therapy
  • falls and falls injury prevention
  • vocational assessment and rehabilitation
  • driver assessment and rehabilitation
  • hydrotherapy
  • rehabilitation nurse practitioner
Page last updated on: 20 Sep 2018