Our Services

The Drug and Alcohol Service can be contacted on (02) 5124 9977 or (02) 5124 1580.

Withdrawal Unit

A team of dedicated doctors, nurses and counsellors who provides medically supervised withdrawal support and other activities for withdrawal management including educational groups relating to alcohol and other drug use, liaison with self – help groups and follow up with other specialist services in addition to counselling.

  • Building 7, Canberra Hospital

Medical Team/ Opiod Treatment Services

A team of dedicated doctors, nurses and counsellors who are experts in the field of alcohol and drug medicine.  Referrals are accepted from GP’s and other health professionals.  This service provides ongoing care for people who are prescribed Opiate Replacement Therapy, medicated withdrawal and referral for other medical services as appropriate.  They also provide medical advice, nursing and counselling support for people with complex needs.  

  • Building 7, Canberra Hospital

Alcohol and Drug Consultation Liaison Services

A team of dedicated doctors, nurses (including a specialist Nurse Practitioner) and a Co morbidity clinician who provides services to people admitted to Canberra Hospital with alcohol and other drug issues in addition to the IMPACT Program (Integrated Multi – agencies for Parents and Children Together), PEP (Pregnancy Enhancement Program), health promotion and harm minimisation education, withdrawal management, through and after – care for pregnant clients at the Alexander Maconochie Centre.

  • Canberra Hospital

Counselling and Treatment Service

A team of dedicated counsellors who provide a range of therapeutic treatments, support and information. Services include individual counselling and therapeutic group sessions. These groups are: Controlling Your Cannabis Group, Controlling Your Drinking Group, Controlling Your Ice Group, Mindfulness, Meditation and Stress Management Course, SMART Groups, Therapeutic Recovery Group, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Group and Advanced Meditation.  Opening hours are Monday to Friday 08.30am – 5.00pm (excluding public holidays)

  • 1 Moore Street, Canberra City

Police and Court Drug Diversion Service

This program is aimed at diverting people arrested and/or charged with drug and alcohol related offences our of the judicial system into the health system.

  • 1 Moore Street, Canberra City

Needle and Syringe program

This service aims to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV virus and other blood borne diseases for injecting drug users by providing sterile injecting equipment and education. 

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