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There are a range of services and resources to help you access healthcare and health information as an LGBTIQ person.

There are a range of services and resources to help you access healthcare and health information as an LGBTIQ person.

Canberra Sexual Health Centre (CSHC)

Canberra Sexual Health Centre is a free service that offers walk-in and booked appointments for sexual health, STI, HIV and related care. We welcome lesbian, gay, transgender, intersex, and gender diverse people as patients.

For information about clinics and appointments, please visit the Canberra Sexual Health Centre page or call (02) 5124 2184.

Local support services

A Gender Agenda (AGA)

A Gender Agenda works with people who do not fit cultural assumptions about the male or female binary due to gender identity, gender presentation, history or biological characteristics. They are a community of transgender people, transsexual people, cross-dressers, other gender variant or gender non-conforming people, intersex people, and their families and friends. They provide support, advocacy, training and community development.


Meridian (formerly AIDS Action Council) was established to provide services and supports to people impacted by HIV. Today, Meridian delivers health and wellbeing services for the HIV community, LGBTIQ+ people, their families and allies. Meridian offers counselling, peer-led activities, health promotion events, training, education and service navigation. Meridian also offers regular free sexual health outreach testing services and a service of outreach supports and referrals for sex workers and people who use drugs.

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT)

SHFPACT’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic offers health services, testing and advice for the Canberra community. All doctors and nurses have specialist sexual and reproductive health qualifications.

National support services

The National LGBTI Health Alliance and MindOUT

The National LGBTI Health Alliance advocates, conducts research, and runs programs for the health and wellbeing of LGBTI people in Australia. They also run the MindOUT that supports the mental health and suicide prevention of LGBTI people in Australia.

Intersex Human Rights Australia (formerly OII Australia)

Intersex Human Rights Australia is an independent support, education and policy development organisation run by and for people with intersex variations or traits. They are

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