Southside Community Step Up Step Down

The new Southside Community Step-Up Step-Down facility has opened to provide specialist sub-acute care in a residential setting for people experiencing mental health issues.

The new facility near Canberra Hospital, will mean more Canberrans can better transition between levels of support as their mental health needs change.

Step Up Step Down will empower people in our community to either ‘step up’ from community-based programs to receive additional support, or ‘step down’ from a hospital setting to continue their mental health recovery and transition back to community life. This new six-bedroom facility further expands Canberra’s mental health system with rehabilitative psychosocial and clinical services.

The program is based on a best-practice model proven to deliver effective community support for people at transition points in their care needs. The length of stay is for periods of up to two weeks. The facility is managed by Stride Mental Health Ltd, in partnership with Woden Community Service, who will assist the transition back to community living through outreach support

The Southside Community Step-Up Step-Down facility is part of a 2018-19 ACT Government Budget commitment of $22.8 million over four years to deliver more supported accommodation for people experiencing mental illness.\

The Southside Community Step-Up Step-Down service boosts sub-acute supported accommodation to accommodate a further six adults, from 18-65, at any one time,”.

With the launch of the new facility, the ACT now has five Step-Up Step-Down services, including:

  • five-bed service for adults in Lyneham (18-64 years)
  • five-bed service for children and adolescents in Watson (13-17 years)
  • six-bed service for youth/young adults in Kambah (18-25 years)
  • one outreach Step-Up Step-Down service for adults (‘TRec’ Transition to Recovery for 18-64 years)
Step up step down facility
Step up step down facility
Step up step down facility
Page last updated on: 7 May 2021